Don't Waste Money on a New Transmission

Hire an experienced mechanic to rebuild your old one

Over time, transmissions get worn down and start to degrade. If your transmission has started slipping, our mechanic may suggest rebuilding it. Rebuilds are necessary when transmissions are worn beyond repair.

When our mechanic rebuilds your transmission, he will:

  • Disassemble your transmission
  • Identify any faulty components
  • Clean individual parts
  • Replace worn-out parts
  • Put your transmission back together

Choose Trans-Fixed for transmission rebuild services you can rely on. We'll be happy to give you a free estimate for our tranmission rebuild services in Rolling Meadows, IL.

See why rebuilding your transmission makes sense

See why rebuilding your transmission makes sense

Trans-Fixed rebuilds all kinds of foreign and domestic transmissions in Rolling Meadows, IL. Transmission rebuilds cost less than installing new transmissions. A rebuilt transmission will improve your vehicle's performance, and it comes with a warranty.

Schedule your transmission rebuild appointment by calling 847-255-9525 today. With a rebuilt transmission, your vehicle will provide you with years of trouble-free service.